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Welcome to Drone Cleaning Company

At Drone Cleaning Company, we lead the revolution in building maintenance with our advanced drone technology. Our mission is to deliver seamless, safe, and superior cleaning experiences across mid-rise commercial & industrial structures. We combine innovative technology with a commitment to safety and sustainability, transforming traditional cleaning methods into a modern, eco-friendly, and efficient service.

We are committed to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. With Drone Cleaning Company, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to elevating the standard of your building’s maintenance while ensuring efficiency and safety.

Proudly the first in Canada to introduce drone-powered cleaning solutions, we’re now expanding our innovative services into the United States.

Contact us to discover how our drone cleaning services can benefit your business and bring your maintenance into the 21st century.

Our Services

What We Do

Facade Cleaning

Our drone-facilitated facade cleaning service is designed to rejuvenate the exterior of your buildings, ensuring they reflect the professionalism and care you invest in your property. By utilizing advanced drone technology equipped with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we can safely and effectively clean various facade materials, from glass to brick and beyond. Our drones navigate hard-to-reach areas with ease, eliminating the need for scaffolding and reducing disruption to your operations

Window Cleaning

Experience the future of window cleaning with our drone-powered service. Our drones deliver spotless results, providing a clear view and enhancing natural light within your buildings. Safe, swift, and environmentally responsible, our window cleaning service utilizes specially designed cleaning tools and methods that leave windows sparkling without risking damage to the structure or the environment. Perfect for high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, and residential properties alike.

Innovative Industrial and Specialized Cleaning Solutions

At Drone Cleaning Company, we're not just transforming the facade and window cleaning industry; we're taking our expertise to new heights and terrains. Introducing our specialized drone cleaning services, tailored for assets where precision, safety, and efficiency are paramount. Our cutting-edge drones are equipped to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks across various sectors. Discover our latest service offerings, designed to meet the unique needs of industries requiring beyond-the-ordinary cleaning solutions.

Featured Clients & Partners

We proudly serve and partner with reputable organizations, showcasing our service across 500,000+ square feet, across various sectors. 

Unlock Efficiency and Safety in Building Maintenance

Discover how drone technology is revolutionizing the building and maintenance industry in our free guide, ‘Transforming Building Maintenance: How Cleaning Drones Are Saving Cost, Enhancing Safety, & Increasing Efficiency.’

In this insight guide, you’ll learn:

  • The cost-saving benefits of implementing drone technology.
  • How drones contribute to enhanced safety measures.
  • The efficiency drones bring to routine and large-scale cleaning tasks.
  • Real-world case studies of drone cleaning technology in action. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your property management strategy. 

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