Spotless Results: The Power of De-Ionized Water in Exterior Cleaning

At Drone Cleaning Company, we deliver excellent cleaning results without the need to use harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, we use De-ionized water – water that has had its ionic impurities removed through a process called ion exchange. When used for exterior cleaning, de-ionized water has several benefits:

  1. It leaves no residue: De-ionized water is pure, so it doesn’t leave behind any mineral deposits or streaks that can be caused by hard water.
  2. It can be used on sensitive surfaces: De-ionized water is safe to use on delicate surfaces such as glass, metal, and painted surfaces without the risk of damage.
  3. It is more effective at removing dirt and grime: The lack of dissolved minerals in de-ionized water makes it more effective at removing dirt and grime than tap water.
  4. It is more eco-friendly: De-ionized water is a more environmentally friendly cleaning option because it does not contain any chemicals or minerals that can harm the environment.
  5. It is cost effective: De-ionized water is less expensive to use than many cleaning chemicals and also requires less water to clean surfaces.

Using drone cleaning technology for cleaning windows and exterior surfaces can be effective, cost-efficient, and a much greener way to get your exteriors and windows shining.

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